Infrastructure & Technology

All processing facilities of the Liberty Group are equipped with modern processing equipment. The facilities are equipped with state of the art equipment for every process from the classiest of soap dispensers to the best IQF machines. At Liberty we believe that production and technology go hand in hand. Extensive study is done not only to employ the best machinery for the right operation, but also to use all equipment most efficiently. The group employs more than 4,000 people, backed by highly qualified professionals and an extensive management induction program.

Approved Technologists at on-site Laboratories


Captive Peeling, Pre-Processing & Processing Facilities


Highlights of Basic Infrastructure :
  • Automated Water Treatment & Chilling Plants to provide 100% clean & potable water
  • Flake Ice Machines of capacity as high as 60,000 kg per day
  • Captive Peeling, Pre-Processing & Processing Facilities
  • Refrigerated Trucks for all critical transport
  • Contact Plate Freezers, Blast Freezers and IQF machines
  • State of the art Cooking & Blanching line
  • Full Fledged on-site Laboratories
  • Approved Technologists forming part of a strong QC Team
  • Hi-Tech Cleaning & Sanitizing equipment
  • Metal Detection System
Sensitive Metal Detection Systems


State-of-the-art Freezing Facilities


Modern Frozen Stores